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, wisconsin has not gone for a republican since ronald reagan back in 1984. how much do you think that romney will be helped by the big organization that governor scott walker had to build to hold off the recall vote last june? >>guest: well, it is helpful. we have a strong ground game here and it is interesting that the most recent rasmussen poll was dead even 49 to 49 and those that have made up their mind or for sure will vote, governor romney got 51 percent versus president obama at 41 or 48. yesterday, the issue benghazi is bubbling up. people are demanding answers from the administration. that will have a big impact in the state of wisconsin. >>chris: we will get to benghazi later in the discussion. senator udall i was surprised to learn close to 80 percent of voters in your state will vote before election day and romney catch says they are winning in absentee requests and early voting and they say they are will swinging the suburbs around denver that went for obama four years ago. >>guest: good morning, chris. we have a great ground game here in colorado. you are right, about 80 percen
-important ohio -- can romney win the white house without it? we're ask the state's republican governor, john kasich. and also joining us, wisconsin's republican governor, scott walker and colorado's democratic governor, john hickenlooper. analysis on what will tip the scales in this historically tight presidential race. from our roundtable, from msnbc, rachel maddow. "new york times" columnist, david brooks. "washington post" columnist, ej dionne. former ceo of hewlett-packard, now vice chair of the national republican senatorial committee, carly fiorina. and our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. >>> good morning, on this sunday, as if it weren't enough to have an incredibly tight race, we now have inclement weather that is bearing down on the east coast. hurricane sandy, a super storm as described this could affect more than 50 million people along the east coast. we've got all of this covered, including the political ramifications of the storm, in the coming days as we are just nine days to go until the election. i want to go live first to asbury park on t
for romney. a republican hasn't won your state since 1984. and in colorado, governor hickenlooper, look at our latest polling from nbc news and marist. 48-48. i know from talking to the obama campaign they think it's not that close. they think they have an edge, but they know it's tight. governor hickenlooper, you start, what's decisive? what tips the scales in your state and in this election? >> well, i think if you look at the mess that president obama inherited and i mean losing 800,000 jobs a month, month after month, the first few months of his presidency, he's turned it around, got 32 straight months of job creation, 5.2 million jobs. the national export initiative, in the first two years, exports were up 38%. i think people are going to hear that, and i think they're also going to recognize that governor romney's plan of adding $2 trillion to military spending and at the same time promising $5 trillion of tax cuts to largely skewed to the wealthier parts of the population without any specifics, right? i mean it's like trying to sell a pig in a poke. i mean, what are those deducti
the republican party. you can't lay this at the feet of mitt romney to be sure. there are a lot of women who are seeing this as fundamental disrespect for women, that is part of the republican party. how do you see it? >> first of all, talk about bad timing for mitt romney's endorsement. mourdock said a really bad thing and he apologized. and in other words, in that state there are two pro life candidates running, richard mourdock is clearly more extreme. and i agree, i think most people disagree with him. here's the reason why governor romney is gaining among women right now. he is gaining among women. and that's because women care about the economy. women care about the role of government. women care about their children's education. women care about their health care. and more women are living in poverty under this president than any other time in decades. that's why governor romney is winning with women. >> fair point. rachel, one of the things you're seeing, it was tina fey speaking in new york, seem to strike the chord about going beyond abortion, about do you trust women enough to let
the election, but president obama and republican challenger mitt romney have scaled back campaigning as hurricane sandy approaches. the two campaigns have cancelled a combined 17 events and suspended fundraising emails in states that lie in the storm's path. on saturday, president obama rallied supporters in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's record as governor of the neighboring massachusetts. >> during governor romney's campaign down there, he promised the same thing he is promising now. he said he would fight for jobs and middle-class families. but once he took office, he pushed through a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefit 278 of the wealthiest families in the state, and then he raised taxes and fees on middle-class families to the tune of $750 million. does that sound familiar to you? >> appearing in ohio, romney rallied supporters by invoking the mantra of a fictional football team depicted in the television drama "friday night lights." >> there is a fictional football team that used to be on tv, and as the team would go out of their locker room often facing a daunting
with senators from four key swing states. republican rob portman of ohio, who played president romney in the debate represent and 18 electoral votes are in play en a state obama won in '08, by 4.6 points and now leads 2.3 points in the latest real clear politics average of recent polls and republican ron johnson of wisconsin, 10 electoral votes at stake and obama won by almost 14 points, last time, and, is now leading by 2.3. and democrat mark warner of virginia, obama won its 13 electoral votes by 6 points, four years ago and now is tied with romney. and, democrat mark udall of colorado, obama won the 9 electoral votes last time by nine points and the race there is now dead even. senator portman, let's start with the state i guess most people think may decide the race, that is ohio. the obama camp says they have the big edge in early voting in your state and also note that they have 137 campaign offices around the country, and the romney camp has only 39. >> well, chris, first of all, you mentioned the real clear politics average in ohio, 2.3%, in the president's favor and now it is
: new accusations today from vice-president joe biden hitting governor romney and republicans on taxes in a campaign event in wisconsin. >> you cannot erase what you have already done. they voted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy giving $500 trillion tax cut so 120,000 families. lou: that's a lot of money. 500 trillion. you have to love the vice-president, his view on things and, his expression. for a little perspective, the national debt is 16 trillion. we'll just leave it there. my next guest says there is no case on economic grounds to raise taxes. joining me now, senior economic writer for the wall street journal, stephen moore, author of the new book, the truth about opportunity, taes, and wealth in america. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. can i say something? this is really the problem in washington. you know, and it's not just joe biden. these politicians can't tell the difference between a billion and a trillion. the the numbers are so big now, everybody's eyes glaze over. a trillion dollars, million million. all lot of zeros. lou: and you know what, we, li
to answer. clearly after the first debate, the republican party at everly and these as to support their. romney did do well compared to obama. there was disappointment with obama among democrats after the first debate. i think he has started to regain some of that because it is performances, but the first debate at a tremendous impact on the race. >> wherever obama goes, you hear him say, come out and vote, you have to. >> he relies on groups that have low turnout rates paid blacks, hispanics, people he needs and that catapulted him to the top in 2008. remember, there was a big turnout in 2008. those people lack the passion today and he needs to get them out. >> the pew research center and a harvard university poll indicates, it if they are accurate, that fewer young people are going to turn at this time than last time. >> i don't think you really need a survey to tell you that treat your own eyes, your own experience can tell you that. i don't know anybody who says that young people are going to vote more this year. >> one thing obama has is this data mining think, this state of the ar
in the area affected by the hurricane or not. republican challenger mitt romney went ahead and held a rally in avon lake, ohio, this morning but said everyone's thoughts should be with those in the storm's path. >> u.s. with full hearts and clear eyes can see what's happening across the country right now. and on the eastern coast of our nation, a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times. we face these kind of challenges before. as we have it's good to see how americans come together. this looks like another time when we need to come together all across the country, even here in ohio, and make sure that we give of our support to the people who need it. >> woodruff: romney planned an afternoon event in iowa before suspending his schedule tonight when the hurricane is is coming ashore. instead, his campaign loaded emergency supplies on to the romney bus in virginia to deliver to storm relief centers after sandy hits. president obama had been in orlando, florida, last night. he delivered pizzas to a local campaign office but called off an appearance there today with former president
romney, the republican candidate... >> i ran into someone who was not so friendly to us who said, "did you come toee your guy destroyed?" i paced in the back of faneuil hall during the entire debate. >> good evening and welcome. >> narrator: romney directlyr confronted edward kennedy. >> senator kennedy, my impression has been that you have followed a campaign, as soon as the primary was over, of trying to divert the voters' attention from the issues at hand, and instead makingas personal attacks on me which are unfounded, unfair and sleazy. >> narrator: kennedy had unleashed negative tv ads. >> romney. it's not just what he did to his workers and business that's the problem. it's what he might do us in the unate. >> kennedy was a master politician and what he did was he usea series of filmed ads to its maximal effect. >> mitt romney says he helped create 10,000 jobs. the former workers at scm in perion, indiana, say something else. >> i'd like to say to the people of massachusetts, if you think it can't happen to you, think again, because we thought it wouldn't happen here either. >
before the election, the candidates will be in wisconsin this week. today, republican mitt romney's campaign has an event in milwaukee. tomorrow, president obama will be in green bay. the volitility index, better known as the vix, may be signaling better days ahead. according to reports, a strategist at jpm morgan believes if the vix remains near current levels this week, it will mark a transition from crisis to normal time. his theory is if the vix stays around 16, the 52-week moving average will fall below the july 2011 level to its lowest point since february 2008. we asked a couple of options traders to weigh in, starting with scott bauer of trading advantage. "yes, i do believe that if we get through the crisis of these horrendous earnings we've been seeing over the past couple weeks and we stablize and stay in this range, i do think we will be back to what we call that normal trading range." "i think it's too early to tell right now from the vix if the environment out there is going to be more normalized for the next several months." dan deming of stutland equities also says
. in its endorsement of romney the first republican to receive the backing in 40 years the editorial board writes -- in recent weeks, romney has been pointing to his alleged record of bipartisan saying yesterday that he would work with democrats as long as they're the good ones. >> we're going to have to do something that has been done in the past in this country, reach across the aisle, we're going to have to find good democrats. good democrats love america too. we have to reach across the aisle, work together, collaborate, meet and fight for the american people and we will. >> it is unclear who mitt romney considers to be, quote, good democrats. but it's worth noting that when governor romney was the governor of massachusetts, he and the democratic controlled legislature were hardly on good terms. though he and the lawmakers reached a deal on health care reform "the new york times" reported this month -- steve, i always go to you when we talk about massachusetts politics. >> i like that. >> i really could go to lawrence. >> i defer to steve. >> for another great prediction, right? >> mak
, talking about how it will really matter or not romney loses ohio. no republican has ever won the white house without it. rasmussen came out with a poll showing that governor romney is taking the lead their. >> well, yes, here is the thing. we have seen all along that mitt romney could not quite close in ohio and he has continued to do better in places like florida and virginia. ohio has posed a difficulty, he couldn't close the gap with the president. what we have seen has been a slow-motion surge from mitt romney. it started after his first debate and has moved forward. it has been not a landslide or explosive, but what it has been a steady. that is what mitt romney has to like is that he he continues to gain ground. we know that ohio is essentially a tie. but before they had been a tie, now it is the other way. if you are mitt romney, you have to like that this close to election day. >> as you watch the storm surge, we talked about a storm surge for governor romney in ohio. for him, it could not come at a better time. eight days out from the election. looking behind the rasmussen num
closed. tonight, a republican presidential candidate mitt romney speaks to supporters in avon lake, ohio. he attended a rally there earlier today before canceling the rest of his campaign events because of the storm. you can see his comments at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight. and vice president joe biden was also in ohio or earlier today. he campaigned in youngstown with former president bill clinton. this was after president obama also canceled all of his campaign events because of the storm. president obama won an ohio four years ago. you can see them tonight at 8:35 p.m. eastern also 1 c-span. -- also on c-span. >> not too long ago no one would have agreed to carry around a tracking device, but now we all carry around the cell phones, which can be tracked. a lot of us use g mail and all of our e-mail is stored on a server. >> we were looking into cyber and cyber security and cyber war. the pentagon had declared cyberspace as a new domain of war. we realized maybe one in a thousand people really understood what cyberspace was. and the degree and double the of the vulnerability. -- end of th
. mitt romney's role, if he's president, his role in the republican party will be to implement the agenda of the republican party and the agenda is very clear when it comes to climate change, it's skepticism, hostility to the idea of cap and trade, pro coal, pro drilling, pro-pipeli pro-pipeline. >> reduce regulations. >> we know what you're getting. i don't know what mitt romney believes in his heart of hearts but he cannot survive as president politically if he's not actively trying to implement his party's agenda. >> nbc news poll found that 43% of voters have a somewhat positive view of mr. romney. only 36% say the same thing about the republican party. so if mr. romney is more popular than his own party, does that suggest that the moderate mitt routine has actually been working? the subterfuge has worked? >> the subter fuge has worked. he looks presidential. he seems like a nice guy. but mitt romney is sort of like forest gump. the great line, life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. mitt romney is like a bokts of chocolates. you never know what you'
about mitt romney. they are republicans. he does not energized them. we will see what the turnout looks like in northwest iowa. those two areas, if we want the turnout in posted areas, it's very heavy in the quad cities, but good news the democrats. it's very heavy in northwest iowa, but good for republicans. the central part of the states, including des moines, that democratic. we will watch the turnout. democrats have to come out of here with $10,000 plurality of voters in that county, the democratic part of the state. we will see what kind of "margin call, obama has here. host: voting systems in your state, how do you vote? guest: i voted two weeks ago. we have early voting and starts three weeks before the election. you can vote early. about one-third of the total votes cast will be cast before election day. a lot of the stuff that's happening right now in terms of trying to influence voters is wasted, because a lot of people have already voted. you can vote in your present before the election and then we have -- we vote in precincts across the state in every corner of the state by
that obama keeps talking about. that's what mitt romney and republicans have been saying and i think women are starting to believe it. >> bill: so are you saying that women's health care that abortion, that contraception, that child care, those are all distractions? >> that's not what i'm saying. that's what the [ inaudible ] are saying. every time one of those issues is brought up, they don't want to answer it the question you see it with mitt romney his campaign comes back and says don't even worry about his birth control views, he wants employers to decide. but this is not a big deal women care about the economy. and they said that with abortion, they have tried to gloss over his running mate's more extreme abortion position by saying women don't care about this, and what i'm saying is it must be working because women are slowly crawling back over towards myth -- >> bill: towards mitt romney and i know you are reporting on what we have been told that the polls show. i find that absolutely impossible to believe, because i think american women are smarter than tha
. republican mitt romney will campaign today out of the storm's path in the battleground state of ohio yesterday offering these words for those in sandy's way. >> i think that right now some people in the country are a little nervous about a storm about to hit the coast, and our thoughts and prayers are with the people that find themselves in harm's way. >> what remains to be seen is how this october surprise will impact an election that is now just eight days away with early voting already under way. we want to get straight to the latest update, and for that nbc news meteorologist dillon drier joins me with a look. not much has changed? >> that's unfortunate. it is still a strong category 1 hurricane at this time, and even if it changes into something post-tropical as it makes its way towards the new jersey coastline, this is a strange hybrid between a once tropical system, a hurricane right now, and then transforming and taking on more of the characteristics of a nor'easter. this makes this an unprecedented type of storm. it starts as a hurricane and developing into this nor'easter.
devastated the south of the united states including the city of new orleans. republican challenger mitt romney also canceled all campaign events in the state of virginia on sunday. both candidates are concerned about the impact on voting. >>> united nations officials are urging the government of myanmar to stop an ethnic conflict that's displaced tens of thousands of people. buddhists are fighting a muslim minority in the western state of rakhine state. >> reporter: the conflict involves majority buddhists and minority muslims called rohingyas. local authorities say the latest wave of violence has killed 84 people and wounded more than 120 others. the international group human rights watch released satellite images of muslim homes in the area. compared with photos from march, they reveal heavy damage. the united nations says the latest fighting has forced more than 22,000 people from their homes. the conflict flared in rakhine in may after a group of muslims allegedly assaulted a buddhist woman. the violence has displaced 75,000 people since then. president thein sein has made a policy
. the president set the right tone in his conference. i think governor romney called the two republican governors that he knew and he's friends with. he's been through it before but on a smaller level in massachusetts when he was governor. it's important for them to get out. i don't think it's a bad political call. the only thing you can do bad over the next seven days is be too political on this. that's the real question. >> let me quickly say because i know keith wants to get in on this. you call your friends. your friends are the american people, not just those with republican governors with all due respect? >> i don't think anybody was questioning this was a partisan phone call. >> that's what i was asking you. you said it was a good call originally. keith, let me get you in on this. these are people right now. this storm has been deadly. it took many lives in the caribbe caribbean. we know the potential here, and if it does not cause loss of life, we know damage of property and the lingering impact. with that said, what does the president need to do to show people, listen, that i'm not caugh
than any recent republican candidates, including george bush. what romney is talking about here is the free-market. and as you say, pre-existing conditions are popular, like big bird. john: if everybody has to cover pre-existing conditions. >> let me finish. no one said everyone has to cover. the answer is the free market. it was popular. we will be provided on the free market. there are insurarance products e can't even think of, including buying insuranceor your unborn children. you know what their pre-existing conditions are. that fac that people talk about pre-existing conditions shows that there's a market for that. i think the free market will respond to that. instead of the problem with health care, and the reason romney care was a libertarian solution for a governor to provide because the governor cannot repeal of the federal government's tough is right now you already have government intervention. government pays for nearly 50 percent of all health care. it is already 50 percent socialist. romney is going to roll it back, plus a free market magic. everything you want co
is a democrat. caller: i just wanted to say that bush, romney, and the republicans have set up this tax structure which helps these companies take our jobs overseas for cheaper labor. and the internet will also suck up a lot of jobs in the coming future. you can have a job almost anywhere, so all the tax money but being received, i believe, is going to go to corporations who are going to invest it in prisons, to house people cheaply, and to make sure they don't have to pay social security and welfare, because everybody will be in jail. host: since we are talking abou are spendings money, are you seeing a lot of ads on the radio -- hearing a lot of ads on radio or seeing them on tv? caller: i am. they set things to fall under this president make him look bad because it had already been in the process and they knew he could not stop it. then they would change it back into a police state once they get back in and put everybody in jail and take everybody's houses and stuff. host: let's look at the battleground states. the new york times shows where money is being spent on advertisements. yo
republicans. they endorsed romney as well. i'm not saying that's going to swing broward county in any direction towards romney, but you also have "the chicago tribune," a very conservative newspaper, endorsing barack obama, hometown newspaper. but it's not as cut and dried as it was with these newspapers four years ago. and sometimes endorsements matter, don't they. >> they do. and it could spell a kind of schizophrenia also within the public. if the newspaper editorial boards are behaving this way, you may find states or parts of counties that don't normally vote democrat or republican, don't normally go -- i should say betraying or departing their normal trend. so it just reinforces what's been said all morning. this is a close race, a tight race and will remain that way with a few wild cards including the weather thrown in here in the last seven or eight days. >> what do you think swings it, harold? we've got eight days left here. if it is a 50/50 toss-up at this point. >> i think turnout, what was talked about at the debate in boca just a few days ago. joe and mika both reinforcin
and renewable. republican presidential candidate mitt romney says if he is elected he will pursue a sharp increase in the production of oil and natural gas on federal lands and off the u.s. east coast. >> that would affect the residents of louisiana. energy policy is always on their minds after hurricane katrina and the bp oil disaster of 2010. that still has not changed their minds about wanting cheap sources of power. >> dean blanchard is known as the shrimp king of louisiana. he drives around barataria bay at high speed. and though it is hard to tell, things have slowed down for him leaping -- lately. in 2010, the oil spill paralyzed louisiana. since then, he is a shrimp king without shrimp. >> there is a lot of current that goes through here. the oil did not settle on the bottom. anytime the shrimp come through, they go in the park where there is no oil. >> on grand isle, there is oil as far as the eye can see. we are headed for one of the gulf's many oil rigs. dean steers through the petroleum slicks covering the surface. he is not against fossil fuels. >> [no audio] i believe in oil
the republicans being too extreme and go back and forth. the romney campaign is trying to get them to drop this and think about this at the last minute. there are a small number of undecided voters -- and the question of trust. he was saying trust is a matter central to the presidency, measure important than anything else, and trying to tie that to this notion of romney changing his positions. that was also a pitch to women. romney's pitch, bipartisanship. >> schieffer: let me bring up this, a spent friday, spent a good part of the day with stu rothen bargain, and charlie cook, and i would these are the most respected analysts going today. both told me separately they could not remember a time this deep into the campaign when they said they had no idea how this was going to come out. i want to go around the table, i'll start with you, bob. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think the president is going to win. he has a big advantage in the elect torral college and in terms of what john and ruth are saying, a republican, a friend of mine who ran republican campaigns, said they backe
, we'll be free of it and people can focus on the election. >> reporter: now romney heads to the swing state of iowa tomorrow. he got a boost today with the endorsement of the des moines register. that paper had not endorsed a republican presidential candidate since richard nixon 40 years ago. jeff it said that the president had failed to fix the struggling economy and there was no sign that would change with a second term. >> glor: jan crawford, thank you. ohio has been visited by the candidates more than any other state its and with good reason: winning the election will almost surely include winning ohio. dean reynolds is also there tonight. >> the chevy plant in lords town, ohio, is humming today, with workers toiling three shifts a day where they once worried it might close. many democrats credit the auto industry's rebound to the bailout engineered by the president. >> if mitt romney had been president when its auto industry was on the verge of collapse, we might not have an american auto industry today. >> reporter: chicago mayor and former chief of staff rahm emmanuel spoke tod
in the state of ohio. on the republican side, governor romney has been all throughout the state. but he will hit three battleground states in total today. first ohio, iowa and later wisconsin. paul ryan, the vice-presidentialal nominee is crisscrossing florida with three events across the state after he spent two days, friday and saturday throughout the state of ohio. but thng a back seat to sandy. maria molina live in the fox news extreme weather center with the latest on the track for sandy. maria, what do you see this hour. >> bill, good to see you. unfortunately sandy is coming. it is a very large storm system like we've been mentioning. over 800 miles wide. ism packs will be felt in portions of great lakes and west of michigan. waves are building 25 feet because of the storm system by early tuesday morning. portions of west virgina under a blizzard warning. we're expecting two to three feet of? factor that with strong winds you're talking about whiteout conditions across portions of the state of west virgina. toward the coast we're dealing with potential flooding across the d.c., b
the advantage. and ann romney appealing to the undecided women voters that republicans want to win over. no one really knows what tactics will make a difference. indeed ate swing states that will decide this election, that is. -- in the 8 swing states that will decide the election. >> this is bbc world news. hurricane sandy is strengthening as it approaches the east coast of the united states. these are live pictures in new jersey. the u.s. national hurricane center says it is expecting a life-threatening storm surges, hurricane coastal winds, heavy snow in the mountains. a magazine editor who published details of tax avoidance by some of the wealthiest greeks is in court charged with breaching privacy. next week, a's ruling communist party begins its once in a decade leadership change -- china's ruling communist party. we are taking a trip across china with our correspondent starting at the great wall. >> we will be reporting from a different location in china every day. we will kick off this week at the iconic great wall of china, as you can see behind me. this watch tower was built 500 years
for the response that romney gave himself where congressional republicans were just adding money to fema, no matter what the historical precedent was for both parties in terms of dealing with funding issues around fema. you know, it wasn't that long ago if anyone needs reminding that there was this thing called hurricane katrina and it took a federal response because the states couldn't handle things. by the way, the romney campaign statement that you could read either way is not tacking back to the center. it's one of those nonaffirmative affirmations of who knows what position. it could be that the federal government backs away entirely and it's describing what is going to go on with the obama administration. you would have to be a mind reader to know what that statement means. >> cynthia, most of the program is dealing with the storm obviously our concern. but president obama was asked about the storm's impact on the presidential election today. listen to what his response was. >> the impact of the election, sir? >> i am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. i am worried ab
them in charge of it. look at what romney said, after all the problems under the last republican president under fema, i don't know, why don't we privatize it and make money off it ha, ha, ha. not interested. right before the election he said he's very sympathetic and cares a lot about the storm. quote, out of sensitivity for the millions of americans in the path of hurricane sandy we're canceling tonight's events with governor romney in wisconsin and also canceling all events currently scheduled for both governor romney and congressman ryan on tuesday. governor romney believes this is a time for the nation's leaders to focus on those americans who are in harm's way. we will provide additional details with regarding governor romney's schedule when they are available. he also added my campaign will be run by the big oil companies. if i'm president you can expect a lot more of these kinds of storms over the next four years because i don't give a dam about climate change and the storms they produce. oh that was not part of the official statement. okay. and then of course leave it to
for the american people and we will. >> with democrats hammering mitt romney's opposition to the auto bailout especially in ohio, the republican candidate using a new ad to counter punch on what could be a decisive issue. >> who will do more for the auto industry? not barack obama. fact checkers concern his attacks on mitt romney are false. the truth? mitt romney has a i plan to help the auto industry. he's supported by lee iacocca and the detroit news. obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler into china aen the italians. >> that ad is drawing an awful lot of heat that chrysler is outsourcing its jeep production into china. they say they have no intention of shifting american production overseas but there are talks of putting a jeep assembly plant in china to serve the growing demand, not to close one here in the united states in order to make way for the one in china. for the first time in 40 years iowa's largest new hampshire endorsing a republican. they cited his flesh economic vision. although they supported president obama in 2008, they're saying romney is more likely
on on the democrat side. if you look at the numbers, there are more republicans voting early ban in 2008. the romney campaign is not conceding the early vote as the mccain campaign did in 2008. we are seeing greater interest among republicans and we see level increases of democrats and republicans compared to 2008 in early voting. up to this point, when we look at the statistics, most of the people who have voted early so far were people who are very strong partisans and have registered with their local party. in ohio, we have data where we know that people have voted in a primary or not. by and large, people who were voting in ohio were people who have voted in primaries. these are people who are high propensity voters. they want to be assured of good they are voting for and have made up their minds and a vote in every election and a cast their ballots. that is true on both sides. as we get into this next week, we are already starting to see the numbers of people who are not registered with political parties, who don't vote in every election, and we see those people rise in numbers as we get closer
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